And Hope, she w…

And Hope, she was just 3 and she was scared of that pond after Sunday services. And the maple woods. The girl wanted a fence and rules and where she should go — but there was no fence that marked the lines of this space here and this way there.

The kid got it early. Fences and rules are easier — this is the best life and that is the less life, this is the way and that is a copout, this family is on fire for the Kingdom and this family is just going to crash and burn.

But the Farmer, he scooped up his little girl and said it in his gentle spoken way — “I’ll stand outside after the service and I’ll be keep a close eye for you. But listen.” He’d cupped Hope’s full cheeks in his field worn hands. “Your Dad will call you– and if you can’t hear him? You’re not where you are meant to be.“

Your Father calls you.

And if you can’t hear Him?

Am I making the right decisions?

We want clarity — and God gives a call. We want a road map — and God gives a relationship. We want answers — and God gives His hand.

The whole room, it’s still quiet and holy full and God singularly calls you and a call from God is about relationship and a call is something one keeps listening for — come this way, come to the land I will show you. God didn’t give Abraham a map — He gave Abraham a relationship. He doesn’t want you to lean on a guidebook. God wants you to lean on the Guide — who speaks to you through His Book. Why would God give a map — when He wants to give you Himself?

We need the person of God more than we need the plan for our life.


Shalom looks up and I hear her and I hear Him and a calling is something you never stop listening for. And I help Shalom scoop out the very last and I’ve come to the skin of it and I know the way through for me… And career – career, it comes from the French word — carriere — meaning road or a highway, and a career is about well marked roads and clear fences and mapping out your life, following the chart, focused on these goals.

A career is about the guidebook and a calling is about leaning on the Guide who speaks to you through His Book. A career is about making a plan and a calling is about trusting a Person who changes the plan. Grace, that careers can fall way to callings.

The call that thing one keeps listening for and the heart of faith is the ear.

And after the innards have all been spooned and the pumpkin pureed and the stories read and the kids put to bed, I find the pillow and lay the ear up against His Word and I read it and I hear Him:

This is the way for you — not her way, not their way — but My Way for You.

I have to stay close enough to the Word to hear my Father’s voice.

And in the stillness, the Father’s voice calls and there is a moving back closer to hear Him —

The sound of peace and what you were meant to be filling all the room.

– Ann Voskamp

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